301 Kenwood Condos For Sale

As one of the most exquisite and beautiful buildings in Loring Park, 301 Kenwood offers a contemporary appeal with modern features. The Walker Arts Center is located in the same neighborhood as well as the popular Vineland Place. Floor plans for 301 Kenwood are as large as 4,300 square feet with oversized windows for looking out over the surrounding neighborhood as well as the art center’s Sculpture Garden and more. The design and location of 301 Kenwood offers cultural opportunities as well as a great place to call home.

If you have questions about 301 Kenwood Condos please let us know. We have information on non-listed units.

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301 Kenwood Condos
301 Kenwood Parkway Minneapolis,MN 55403
To view properties call 612-814-0479
301 Kenwood Condos Association
Phone Number 651-699-5300